“I have found the one whom my soul loves”

The team at Pullout Prod approached me to write a script for their wedding clients, Ela and LA last year. Even though I don’t write any sappy stuff, it was a refreshing change to the usual content that I produce.

This “script” turned into a poem of sorts with their personalities and activities highlighted. In a she said, he said format that I really wanted to push. Even though some stanzas didn’t make the cut in the final video, I hope you enjoy the complete cheese-fest version.

I remember finishing this at around 2AM, the best time to write in my opinion. It’s now close to that time and currently, I am in a mood. I wanted to share some love into the world.




Good Places To Eat in Bali

One of the things I LOVE the most in Bali is the numerous choices of food available. From Indonesian to Italian, you’ll never run out of options – which is important to me because I always look forward to the food in every trip. Plus, every place is great for photos!

I’ve listed down some of the restaurants and cafe’s we’ve visited, broken down by area. This is a small slice of the amount of choices available! Just thinking about it, I can’t wait to be back and explore some new and tasty places.


Made’s Warung

We stayed in Kuta this time around and Made’s Warung was recommended by our guide. It’s classic Indonesian food – Babi guling, chicken stay, nasi goreng, gado-gado. It’s good and so filling.

Dod’s Burger Bali

Dod’s reminds me of a local Shake Shack conveniently located a few minutes away from the beach. Aside from the cheeseburger, please try the onion rings they were delicious and real, not the overly floured type.

Jamie’s Italian Kuta

For a casual Italian place, Jamie’s Italian was a winner in the service department. The pasta was so-so but the calamari was super soft with a bit of spice. So good.


Kynd Community

I’ve seen Kynd in Instagram so much, I just had to go there. I’ve always wondered about the “acai bowls” and that green bowl was so good. I do wish it was colder, or a tad frozen because the heat was killing us that day. We also tried vegan donuts which were not bad. This place is also packed all the time.


This modern Australian cafe is also always packed, especially in the mornings. Try the Eggs Benedict, you won’t regret it.

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Motel Mexicola

I love Mexican food and Motel Mexicola delivered. Went there for lunch and while the interiors were funky, it was quiet and chill. Motel Mexicola transforms at night for you to enjoy cocktails and music.

Revolver Coffee

Go for the mural, stay for the coffee!

Warung Nia

We took a cooking class at Warung Nia and sincerely enjoyed it. Although I haven’t cooked anything Indonesian since that class, we had great food for lunch that day and an unforgettable experience.


Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Sometimes, the universe conspires to create something beautiful – despite quick preparations and some scheduling conflicts!

We were going to Bali, Indonesia originally as a family trip with my brother, his fiancée and a few other relatives. But around November last year and a seat sale, they booked Pullout Prod for a pre-wedding video shoot in the island of the gods.

It was up to me to schedule and coordinate the whole thing and seeing these photos, comes a sense of fulfillment that hey, behind the scenes and the endless water bottles, it all came together beautifully. Even more so in celebrating love between two people.


If you wish to shoot your engagement photos or video in Bali without a legit coordinator there, here are some tips in order to make it happen!

  1. For this trip, we combined touring + shooting!
  2. There are extra fees for pre-wedding shoots. It costs extra Rp 500,000 “donation” for Tanah Lot and Rp 600,000 in Beratan Lake. When I say extra this is on top of parking and entrance fees.
  3. Drones are not allowed in some areas. For Tanah Lot, we were allowed to fly the drone only because we paid for the pre-wedding fee. Beratan Lake, Batuan Tample and Uluwatu Temple don’t allow drones.
  4. We got away with a few bits of payments by opting out of formal wear. Gowns and suits attract attention and soon enough you’ll have one of the staff approaching to pay the donation (which is a fixed price haha)
  5. Some temples have a dress code. For Batuan temple, a sarong must be worn at all times while for Uluwatu temple, a sarong is only worn when shorts are above the knee.
  6. The heat is exhausting – so bring lots of refreshments and snacks!
  7. Research ahead of time which areas to go to because it takes 45 minutes up to 1 hour to go to each location.
  8. Public beaches are beautiful and free!
  9. Be early. All of the places we shot at were tourist spots. These photos all came together with a bit of luck, early call times and camera magic!
  10. It is a must to communicate with your transport, guide and team to see what they need and what must be done.




We’ll share the video with you soon!

Photography & Video : Pullout Productions (Mart & Dabid)

Hotel: Cara Cara Inn

Transportation & Guide: Made Nata


Tanah Lot Temple

Beratan Lake

Melasti Beach

Batuan Temple

Sacred Monkey Forest and Temple


2017 Places

Look, it’s 9 days into 2018 and so much is happening, I can’t wrap my head around it. So I thought I’d take a little break  from all of my tasks, drink some Cherry Coke and reminisce on the past year’s travels and trips.

While this is late, who cares, this is my blog anyways. Lelz 🙂

Masbate City

I started 2017 traveling to Masbate City to get some sun at Buntod Sandbar and Marine Sactuary. This little sandbar 20 minutes away from the city was so refreshing. It’s convenient for a little day trip but beware, there is only 1 not so functioning bathroom. It is in the middle of the ocean after all.

Sun’s out ?

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Oh man, Tokyo. Crowded, expensive but still so amazing. Finally saw some Cherry Blossoms in bloom. Japan still is one of my favorite countries to visit and I would want to go back always. Read more of my Tokyo adventure over at here.

Pink pink pink #japanikki

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Misibis Bay

Spent a day trip here with a friend and went Hobie Cat Sailing! Also spent Christmas here with the family.

Siama Hotel

Took a retreat at Siama Hotel and enjoyed falling asleep near the pool. Would recommend for couples and those who want to disconnect for a bit.

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Jam-packed adventure in 6 days! Visited Taipei, Kaoshiung and Kenting. Blogged about that trip here.


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A bit nerve-wracked and also excited about what 2018 has in store. But in the meantime, headed back to Bali in a few months! Looking forward to more adventures, always.

Scents & Home

Lately I’ve been pondering on my sleeping habits and how scents can make someone sleep better. Not only that but there are times while I’m working that I like to light up a candle aroma burner with some peppermint oil to create a more relaxing atmosphere while working.

I thought why not finally upgrade to an Aroma Oil Diffuser Machine? And I did!

I ordered a blue one online via Think Scents a website that sells all about home fragrances. The unit I got for P950 with free 50mL mint diffuser oil and I’ve been using it almost every day. The smell of a room can really alter my mood and it’s helped a lot in days where work can be really stressful.

They also have these cute Light Bulb Sticks Difusser where you can mix and match the color of the reed sticks. This will be my next purchase!

Think Scents also has other fragrances like bamboo, green tea and white rose.


You can view their whole collection here. They ship nationwide.

*Some photos are from the Think  Scents website, used with permission. 



Taiwan: Kaohsiung & Kenting

We made our way to the south of Taiwan via HSR train to visit family and squeeze in a few more adventures. A two-hour train ride from Taipei main station is Kaoshiung, the largest port-city in Taiwan.

Here’s what greeted us at the station!


And then straight to the tour, time’s a-wasting! First stop is the Spring and Autumn Pavilions and the Tiger and Dragon Pagoda. Both are in Lotus Lake, where literally it’s a lake with lots of lotus growing. 😀

We also drove by the boulevard and to a war memorial park.

Kaoshiung was more laid-back and chill than Taipei. This is also the part where I ran out of New Taiwan Dollar! I didn’t exchange all my money at the airport so it’s best to do that while you’re already there since money changers are scarce and only accept USD. Luckily I wasn’t alone in this predicament and our family member in Kaoshiung helped us out by having someone exchange our money at the airport.

You can also stroll thru so many parks here and gaze at the famous Love River. We also went to a night market here however I forgot the name! 🙂

The next day we took a day trip to Kenting National Park, the southern tip of the island of Taiwan. Here’s what we visited:

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Cape Eluanbi

There’s a was a point in Cape Eluanbi where we actually saw a  few islands from the Philippines. It is gorgeous and really photo-worthy.


Kenting is famous for it’s white sand beaches and is a surfing spot too.

Lastly we visited E-da Mall – an outlet shopping center where shoe prices were so so cheap and Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum.

Now that’s it’s visa- free for Filipinos to go to Taiwan, hope that this helps in your adventure!

Northern Taiwan: Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen

We took a day tour to Northern Taiwan – landscapes in Yehliu, historic Jiufen and famous sky lanterns in Shifen.

This tour we once again used KKDAY to book and all seven of us boarded a van at 8am from our hotel.

On a side note, all the KKDAY vouchers and tours we bought checked out and it was very efficient especially for big groups like ours!

Day Trip Itinerary:

Yehliu Geopark

Old Town of Shifen / Release a Sky Lantern

Golden Waterfalls

Jiufen Street Market

Yehliu Geopark

I don’t know why but I loved the rock formations at Yehliu Geopark. Maybe it’s the nerd in me but it took thousands of years to form those little mushrooms.

Tip: Beware of the heat. We only stayed 45 minutes tops because my companions could not take the hot temperature.



Golden Waterfalls

They’re “gold” because the soil is rich in copper.

Jiufen Old Street

Eat, shop and eat! Try the famous peanut ice cream.


Next stop: Kaohsiung!

Taiwan: Taipei City

In the sweltering hot Taiwan summer of September 2017, we braved the bustling city of Taipei as our first stop in a week-long adventure with my family. I was eager to eat some famous xiao long bao, drink lots of milk tea and explore the city.

We spent a few short but sweet days in Taipei and well, let’s get into it.

Day 1:

Taipei 101

Hop on/ Hop Off Bus Tour

Shilin Night Market

Day 2:

(Day tour North Taiwan)


Day 3:

Chang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 

We stayed at Diary of Taipei Hotel 🙂



After a short nap at the hotel we took the subway to Taipei 101. Here’s the view from the 89th floor:


The 360 degree views are great and photo ops are many! We bought tickets from KKDAY at around P800+. There’s also a an outdoor observatory at the 91th floor, but the views aren’t the same from the binoculars there. In Taipei 101 you can also see the famous earthquake mass damper ball that balances the building during earthquakes. We spent a wee bit too long at Taipei 101 that next thing you know it’s 1PM and we haven’t had lunch yet!

Our next stop was the city’s hop on and off bus via KKDAY as well. If you want to take this route to see the city, I would highly recommend that you find out the bus stops ahead of time. We spent a lot of time looking for where the bus would pick us up and then waiting for the actual bus.


Taipei is famous for it’s night markets and we hit up Shilin Night Market and Ximending for street food. You’ll find favorites like Hot Star chicken, stinky tofu and gigantic fruits everywhere. After the night markets, we were beat and went back to the hotel.

Read on for more adventures as we take a day trip to Northern Taiwan.