2017 Places

Look, it’s 9 days into 2018 and so much is happening, I can’t wrap my head around it. So I thought I’d take a little break  from all of my tasks, drink some Cherry Coke and reminisce on the past year’s travels and trips.

While this is late, who cares, this is my blog anyways. Lelz 🙂

Masbate City

I started 2017 traveling to Masbate City to get some sun at Buntod Sandbar and Marine Sactuary. This little sandbar 20 minutes away from the city was so refreshing. It’s convenient for a little day trip but beware, there is only 1 not so functioning bathroom. It is in the middle of the ocean after all.

Sun’s out ?

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Oh man, Tokyo. Crowded, expensive but still so amazing. Finally saw some Cherry Blossoms in bloom. Japan still is one of my favorite countries to visit and I would want to go back always. Read more of my Tokyo adventure over at OurVibe.ph here.

Pink pink pink #japanikki

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Misibis Bay

Spent a day trip here with a friend and went Hobie Cat Sailing! Also spent Christmas here with the family.

Siama Hotel

Took a retreat at Siama Hotel and enjoyed falling asleep near the pool. Would recommend for couples and those who want to disconnect for a bit.

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Jam-packed adventure in 6 days! Visited Taipei, Kaoshiung and Kenting. Blogged about that trip here.


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A bit nerve-wracked and also excited about what 2018 has in store. But in the meantime, headed back to Bali in a few months! Looking forward to more adventures, always.

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