Taiwan: Taipei City

In the sweltering hot Taiwan summer of September 2017, we braved the bustling city of Taipei as our first stop in a week-long adventure with my family. I was eager to eat some famous xiao long bao, drink lots of milk tea and explore the city.

We spent a few short but sweet days in Taipei and well, let’s get into it.

Day 1:

Taipei 101

Hop on/ Hop Off Bus Tour

Shilin Night Market

Day 2:

(Day tour North Taiwan)


Day 3:

Chang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 

We stayed at Diary of Taipei Hotel 🙂



After a short nap at the hotel we took the subway to Taipei 101. Here’s the view from the 89th floor:


The 360 degree views are great and photo ops are many! We bought tickets from KKDAY at around P800+. There’s also a an outdoor observatory at the 91th floor, but the views aren’t the same from the binoculars there. In Taipei 101 you can also see the famous earthquake mass damper ball that balances the building during earthquakes. We spent a wee bit too long at Taipei 101 that next thing you know it’s 1PM and we haven’t had lunch yet!

Our next stop was the city’s hop on and off bus via KKDAY as well. If you want to take this route to see the city, I would highly recommend that you find out the bus stops ahead of time. We spent a lot of time looking for where the bus would pick us up and then waiting for the actual bus.


Taipei is famous for it’s night markets and we hit up Shilin Night Market and Ximending for street food. You’ll find favorites like Hot Star chicken, stinky tofu and gigantic fruits everywhere. After the night markets, we were beat and went back to the hotel.

Read on for more adventures as we take a day trip to Northern Taiwan.

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