Taiwan: Kaohsiung & Kenting

We made our way to the south of Taiwan via HSR train to visit family and squeeze in a few more adventures. A two-hour train ride from Taipei main station is Kaoshiung, the largest port-city in Taiwan.

Here’s what greeted us at the station!


And then straight to the tour, time’s a-wasting! First stop is the Spring and Autumn Pavilions and the Tiger and Dragon Pagoda. Both are in Lotus Lake, where literally it’s a lake with lots of lotus growing. 😀

We also drove by the boulevard and to a war memorial park.

Kaoshiung was more laid-back and chill than Taipei. This is also the part where I ran out of New Taiwan Dollar! I didn’t exchange all my money at the airport so it’s best to do that while you’re already there since money changers are scarce and only accept USD. Luckily I wasn’t alone in this predicament and our family member in Kaoshiung helped us out by having someone exchange our money at the airport.

You can also stroll thru so many parks here and gaze at the famous Love River. We also went to a night market here however I forgot the name! 🙂

The next day we took a day trip to Kenting National Park, the southern tip of the island of Taiwan. Here’s what we visited:

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Cape Eluanbi

There’s a was a point in Cape Eluanbi where we actually saw a  few islands from the Philippines. It is gorgeous and really photo-worthy.


Kenting is famous for it’s white sand beaches and is a surfing spot too.

Lastly we visited E-da Mall – an outlet shopping center where shoe prices were so so cheap and Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum.

Now that’s it’s visa- free for Filipinos to go to Taiwan, hope that this helps in your adventure!

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